Asbestos, Inc.

by Asbestos, Inc.

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2014 Asbestos, Inc.


released March 13, 2014



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Asbestos, Inc. Turkey

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Track Name: Asbestos Theme
For this is a remarkable mineral
Tiny but extremely strong and flexible
Testing and experiment
Asbestos will not burn
Actually stone
Safer and more durable
Colors it not only attractive
Fireproof, too
This same kind of scientific thinking was applied to
The problem of the homes of America
Rigid specifications must be attractive
Easy to handle
And rot-proof
Furthermore and above all
Combined with Portland Cement
Fireproof, too
A natural choice
Testing and experiment
And water couldn't harm it
Strong and tough
It was given every conceivable test
However it can be tainted
For even a torch couldn't burn it
This material won't rot or decay
And to the great success of asbestos
Laboratory tests are only half of the story
The actual use of this material on homes over the years
Is the final convincing proof
Still attractive
Strong and sturdy as the day it was made
In fact it is actually denser and harder
Testing and experiment
Being stone, it was natural that
The scientists would turn to asbestos
Track Name: Veggies
Gimme the veggies
I need radishes
Gimme carrots
I need some broccoli too

I can’t eat that cereal no more
I can’t eat it
I can’t even eat the grains
I need some fiber
I need some strawberries
I need some peas
Ooh gimme gimme

Yeah heaven knows
Head to my toes

I need some greens
I need some root veggies
Gimme those things that grow in the dark

I can’t take that stuff out of the boxes
I need something fresh
I can’t stand the way they slop it on the plate
Give it to me
I can’t stand the way it swishes around in the bowl
I can’t take this food any more
I can’t
Gimme some greens
Track Name: Tin-throated Gal
Yeah, try me
I’m the one
I’ve been listening along
I can play

I was old once
You aren’t getting any older
I was young once
You aren’t getting any younger either
Are you?

Yeah, Tammy went canning
She had a tin throat as well

It’s just as well I’m on the lam
But I can’t tell

Yeah, I wanted to be something
So I played
And I played
And I sang
And I didn’t sing
Track Name: Tommy the DJ
Crack a beer for me
It's been a long day
I was driving in my car
And it started to rain
And the winos on the bench across the street
Outside my door
I can see them
From my window
I'll just stay here and drink

Chug it down
Pour it down

One More

I was cramped inside my apartment
I was low
I was low
I thought why not have another
Just one more

Can't see me
Can't hear me
Don't pick up the phone
I lay here with my beer
I can't sing without my drink
pour another one
pour another one
I'll take one
Fuck, I'll take two
I'm done with the first one already

Heaven help me
I need a whoa
I need a surprise

No don't surprise me
Don't tell me what to do

Never see me writhing
See me now
Don't you wish you were here?
Track Name: Heat!

I was living down on the edge of town
I was crying in my bedroom
I couldn't stand the sight of a man that couldn't raise his hand


I couldn't even apologize to anyone I loved
I was aching
I was bursting out my ears
I couldn't even lift my own weight
I couldn't stand

I was in heat
I couldn't even understand anything
I was a bobbling around
Swinging around on the snow-drifted hill

I was trapped
I was excited
I was
Yeah but I definitely came back
And they came back looking for me
I was smelling like
We couldn't say anything
You guys are mouths with novocaine yeah

Eat his heart

Slow down now
I've been rambling all over my sweet map
I was trying so hard
Track Name: Sing to Get it Out
Something we couldn't fathom
And now we gotta deal with that
Every time we talk
A weight hovering over us
Something dying in between us
Like a spleen in between us
And that was real
Something that had to swing around
And swing
And he had to sing to get it out
Quit bottling up the things man
You gotta swing for it man
You gotta start
You gotta swing man
You gotta take up
Build it in the middle of the woods
Camp out man
Get some real solitude
That’ll help you out
Get some help you out
Help you out
Help you out
Come on
Build a tent
Build a porch
Build a fire
Track Name: River Baptism at 35
Come on back
Come on back, my brother
I knew we were close once, but I couldn’t tell you from him
I couldn’t even tell that you were apart

Been singing down
We been swinging around
And we played all hits
Swinging and swigging

Sing, sing, brother, sing brother

I came back
I’ve always been leaving
I’ve always been coming back
I've always been swinging,
I've always singing
One way or another I’ve been cramping around
Cramping everyone’s style
Sing with me now
Sing with me brother
You’ve always been attached to out mother
You've been cramped in that tight space
Rolling around yeah
Cramped, Cramps
Samson and Delilah
You know you know
And when I get home, I’m gonna pick you up
And take you down the block
I’m gonna show you a thing or two
I’m gonna take you down to where the sewer meets the river
I’m gonna take you and plunge your head in
It’ll be like a baptism
Ooh, it’ll be like a baptism
A sincere point of view
Once we dig through all of it
Yeah, sing
Yeah, sing
Track Name: Sorcerer Blues
I was a sorcerer
I couldn’t find my staff

I was sore
Sorting my stones
Under the waterfall
I couldn’t find myself there
I couldn’t read the signs
I couldn’t see anything beneath the sun

Gimme one, gimme two, gimme three, gimme four, gimme Five

It was so hot I couldn’t see myself in the water
I just had to go in
Anon, it was deeper than I expected
I couldn’t swim
I knew it
I went in anyway
No way
That’s not the way to go

I lost somebody down there
I lost myself, man
I couldn’t see anything under the water
It was murky
There were starfish
There were stones
There was sea coral
There were sea squids
There was octopi

I was dead blonde

I didn’t know what that meant though
I hadn’t fallen that far
I hadn’t gone that deep
So I kept swimming
Oh, sing me a song
Sing it underwater, would you?
Just give it a try

Gimme once
Gimme twice
Gimme three times

You know, you leave me
So no wedding, baby
Something is a sometime
And sometimes it’s still cold in the water


Eh two three four five six

And it started getting dark out
It started getting even darker under the water
As you can imagine
It was even worse than before, as far as visibility
But that
That’s to be expected
Gimme one time now

Gimme two times
Three four five
One two three

And you can only swim so long
You start floating
Just start floating
Try it

Gimme one, gimme two, gimme three, gimme four, gimme five, gimme six

The lights were flashing man,
They came to find me
I should have know it would happen
I couldn’t go that far
Who knew
Who knows
Who knows

Gimme one time now
This one's for the mermaids
This one's for sea shells
This one's for the waves
This one's for the tides
Three fish in a row
School of fish standing there standing there
Up, nope, they got legs
Track Name: Five Dollar Chords
I couldn’t stand Mumps
He was old once
He was in magazines
He couldn't salute
He couldn’t even look at me
He was a team player

But he married his form
And he married the sky
He was asleep
Living in and out
Living it over
He went too soon

Little song
carried him home

I came back afterward
I was grinning with his ears shattered
He had his brains scattered all across the floor
Yeah, what did he say?
He still wanted more

Tell me about it

But we were gone
(And nearly it was all lost)
I was singing Ellie this song and he was loving on it

We can’t save him now, we tried
From now on
Things are keep or going to happening again

One time for Tommy, the dj
The one we all wanted to stay
And one time for singer
He’s equipped with a fourteen-carat ring
And man that guy can sing
It’s cold in here

Brought back at the place
And he was leaping across buildings
The lights were flashing
It was all over
I couldn’t’ believe what they did to him
I couldn’t even see
But I was there

It makes me nauseous thinking about it
Dude, I still got nightmares from the thing